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Shipping and Handling

Phone (530) 626-6858 or (888) WAV-WINE [(888) 928-9463] Fax (530) 642-2386
1900 Hidden Valley Lane
Camino, CA 95709

Instructions on Shipping and Handling

Whenever possible we will package wine in recycled shipping containers. There will be no cost on recycled containers shipped to WAV members. We encourage all purchasers to return the shippers whenever possible.

New 2 bottle containers are $3.00 Recycled 2 bottle containers are complimentary (as available.)

New case (12 bottle) containers are $7.00. Recycled case containers are $3.00 (as available.)


Wofford Acres Vineyards offers a 10% discount on 1 case (12 bottles), 15% on two or more cases and 20% to our WAV Wine Club members.


Shipping fees are set by UPS, vary and cannot be guaranteed by Wofford Acres Vineyards until shipping occurs.  Our policy is to bill you for the exact amount that UPS charges us for your shipment.  All shipments will require adult signature surcharge.  Estimates of shipping costs with adult signature surcharge are available through www.ups.com.  Proof of age must be shown to UPS employee at time of delivery.  If requested at the time of ordering, we will provide an estimate of shipping and handling costs prior to shipping.


WAV wine club shipments are made through Golden State Overnight www.gso.com for a flat fee of $10 for 2 bottles, or by special request, through UPS.


We are presently allowed to ship to California and Nevada.  Wofford Acres Vineyards is pursuing the ability to ship to other states as shipping licenses become economically feasible.  Please contact us for more information or log onto www.FreetheGrapes.com for updates on Supreme Court rulings on these restrictions.







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